We do not restore or fix vintage lloyd loom products. We can repaint to custom colours depending on the condition of your product. Please call to make a enquiry. 

When you buy a piece of authentic Lloyd Loom furniture, you know you’re investing in long-lasting quality. But perhaps you’ve just repainted your living room and want your vintage Lloyd Loom sofa to match the new style. Or maybe your loom furniture has become damaged from moving house over the years.

Whether you want to adapt its style or give it a refresh, here are some top restoration tips to help you get the best results. Here are the best tips to do at home.

Please note we do not refurbish or fix lloyd loom. We can repaint if the furniture isn’t painted over a natural finish.


Tips for Painting Lloyd Loom furniture

Whether it’s become faded in the sun or has a few chips, a bit of paint can do wonders for refreshing your Lloyd Loom furniture


What kind of paint should you use?

Because of its woven texture, you may find the loom tricky to paint with a brush. Spray paint will give you an even coat to the colour and avoid pooling.

The best paint for Lloyd Loom furniture dries with some flexibility so it doesn’t crack in the curves and crevices. Look for acrylic spray paint similar to that used on cars — a specialist paint stockist can help you find the right kind. 

Is your furniture natural or painted? If you’re painting directly onto plain furniture or want to drastically change the colour of your piece, apply an acrylic spray primer to before adding your chosen paint due to natural being more common for flaws to show or paint to chip.


Remove seat pad

Are you restoring a Lloyd Loom chair? Many of these come with removable seat pads convenient for removing them before painting. 


Sand and clean before painting

It’s helpful to gently sand your frame’s surface before painting — particularly if your vintage furniture has multiple layers of paint already. Fine sandpaper will buff away any uneven areas and help the paint adhere. 

Vacuuming the frame then wiping it with a soft damp cloth will also remove any debris that could get stuck in the paint. This will give you the best finish.


Paint in a well-ventilated area

Once your Lloyd Loom furniture is smooth and clean, move it to a well-ventilated area, ideally outside. 

Depending on the shade and type of paint you use, you may need a few coats for full coverage. Use large sweeping motions as you spray and leave plenty of drying time between coats. 

Seal or varnish

A layer of spray acrylic sealer or varnish will protect your painted furniture and make it easier to clean and maintain. This will reduce how much the paint wears.


Reupholstering Lloyd Loom furniture

Reupholstering tired or faded fabric is another great way to restore your furniture and add a personal touch. Whether it’s a Lloyd Loom laundry basket, chair, or sofa, you can achieve excellent results in a short amount of time. 


What kind of fabric will you need?

The best fabric for restoring furniture is of upholstery grade but isn’t too thick — thick fabric can be tricky to fold and tuck neatly at the corners.

If you’re new to reupholstery, you might want to stick with plain fabric so you don’t need to position a pattern. Make sure you have plenty of fabric to cover the whole of your upholstered section and fold over for tacking.

You may also need foam if you want to replace the current padding. After cutting to size, you can apply this with a spray adhesive. Alternatively, take a look at our range of replacement cushions. If not this can be found at a local retailer to make your own.


Removing the old fabric and recovering

To remove the current fabric on your vintage Lloyd Loom furniture, you’ll need a staple or tack remover. After stripping the fabric, you can keep it as a template for your new upholstery.

Cut your fabric to size, fold it over the edge of the seat pad or Lloyd Loom laundry basket lid, and fix using a staple gun.


Finishing touches

To add an extra flair to your reupholstered furniture, you can border it with decorative studs, braiding or double piping.


Authentic Lloyd Loom furniture

Whether you’re looking for vintage or new furniture, you can’t go wrong with authentic Lloyd Loom. Take a look at our range of chairs, bar stools, tables, and laundry bins for long-lasting furniture with timeless appeal.