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Lloyd Loom Chairs

Our wide range of Lloyd Loom chairs means there is a style to satisfy everyone. Manufactured to the same traditional method and as in the 1920’s, a Lloyd Loom chair provides a contemporary and elegant look to any home.
For the eco conscious, only two materials are used to create your Lloyd Loom chair, paper and steel.
A Lloyd Loom chair is a truly timeless piece of furniture. Be that an elegant look to a conservatory or a pop of colour.
Lloyd Loom Cushions are available for most models.
  • Rattan Chairs

    Lloyd Loom Child’s Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Camden chair

  • Lloyd Loom Camberwell Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Camberwell King Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Vauxhall Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Lambeth Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Lambeth Palace chair

  • Lloyd Loom Richmond Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Poplar Chair

  • Satellite Chair

    Lloyd Loom Satellite Chair

  • Lloyd Loom Poplar Spring White Set



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Comfort & style impacts the overall look  to your home. Lloydloom has both, 20th century furniture in a 21st Century home. Traditional furniture made the traditional way.  

Order online and receive a Lloydloom look to your home.