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 A Lloyd Loom cushion as a separate  item

Please check sizes carefully. Cushions are supplied in an off white calico like finish .

Please be aware our cushions are designed to fit our chairs only. 

Other manufactures chairs may not fit our cushions

All are manufactured to the fire retardant standard.

  • Lloyd Loom Camberwell Chair Cushion

  • white chair image

    Lloyd Loom Camden Chair Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Lambeth Chair Cushion

  • poplar cushion image

    Lloyd Loom Poplar Chair Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Vauxhall Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Pimlico dining chair Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Pimlico Thames Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Lambeth Palalce Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Camberwell King Cushion

  • Lloyd Loom Sofa Cushions

  • Lloyd Loom Lambeth Palace Sofa Cushion



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Comfort & style impacts the overall look  to your home. Lloydloom has both, 20th century furniture in a 21st Century home. Traditional furniture made the traditional way.  

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