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Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs

Lloyd Loom dining chairs provide a modern seating solution meets country dining. Try a new look for this season with our extensive range of Lloyd Loom dining chair designs and colours.

  • Dorset Dining Chair - Light Brown

    Lloyd Loom Dorset Dining Chair

  • Bow Dining Chair - Natural

    Lloyd Loom Bow Dining Chair

  • Pimlico

    Pimlico Dining Chair

  • Bistro be

    Lloyd Loom Chelsea – Bistro Chair

  • Fulham Dining Char Off-white

    Lloyd Loom Fulham Dining Chair

  • Pimlico Chair with Armrest Blue

    Pimlico Dining Chair With Arms



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Comfort & style impacts the overall look  to your home. Lloydloom has both, 20th century furniture in a 21st Century home. Traditional furniture made the traditional way.  

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